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Jarvis Johnson was hell bent on making sure he capitalized on Black Friday this year.
FOX News in Arizona went to a local mall to catch up with some of the shoppers set up already outside stores when the segment flowed to Johnson. The quirky king of Black Friday was ready for his big moment and camera, showing the anchor the UNREAL lengths he went to ensure comfort outside the store until the big day.
Jarvis isn't holed up in pain until Black Friday, in fact it's the exact opposite.
It has heat, a bed, cable, nearly wall-to-wall carpeting, a microwave and a cooler. this isn’t Johnson’s first rodeo — he’s been camping out early for Black Friday for the past eight years. When asked about his strategy, he had the following to say:
“I’m here early because they say the early bird gets the worm, and the early, early, early bird gets the biggest worm, and I guess I’m the bird and I’m trying to get the worm,” Johnson said. “That’s why I’m here.”
This made me think a lot about something...what if someone just goes into his tent (or whatever) and they steal everything XD that would be hilarious but at the same time very sad. I just thought about that because he has nice things in there and you can't obviously secure that tent very well unless you leave people in there to take care of your stuff. But apparently that might have not happened. I'm just saying
@ButterflyBlu And then I would join you... if you share the Twizzlers, that is.
@danidee this is one of the Many reasons I love you. Lol <3
@ButterflyBlu I would do it. I would be that person.
@danidee I wonder, too, is someone bringing more food to him. Because just sitting there all the time, I'd totally be munching on everything I could find. (Boredom sucks. Lol) Someone would totally have to refresh my Twizzzzzler supply.
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