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Everything I thought I knew about travel turned out to be wrong. After years of seeing commercials, listening to friends, and drooling over pictures in magazines, I thought travel was expensive. Between transportation, expensive tours and activities, hotels, and food, to go anywhere was going to cost me a lot of money.
Then, in 2006, after saving for three years, I took off to travel the world.
As I backpacked my way through Europe, consistently staying below my budget, I realized that by traveling like I lived back home -- visiting local markets, taking local transportation, avoiding overpriced tourist restaurants, and finding deals on the Internet -- I could cut my costs without cutting my good time. After all, I didn’t come to Italy not to eat out!
Since then, I’ve been determined to show others they can do the same, because money is the number one reason people don’t travel. Most people think they don't have sufficient capital to travel, but that's simply not true.
Even if you’re lacking a trust fund, here's how to cut down your expenses on the road -- without living like a hobo.