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Welcome, one and all, to the League of Extraordinary Archer Fans, the Funny Community's official fan club for all things 'Archer'!

I'm really excited to start this one out, as the 'Rick & Morty' one has been off to an awesome start, and I know we've got a whole lot of 'Archer' fans up in this community that are down to 'SPLOOSH!!!' over their favorite show.

Since this is the very first card of the club, I figured we should start by introducing ourselves!

Here's what you need to comment with:

1. Your name. (Maybe where you're from too. I mean, it's whatever.)
2. Your favorite 'Archer' quote. (Extra points if it ends with 'Phrasing.')
3. HOW MUCH OF THE SERIES HAVE YOU WATCHED? (This will help me decide what we've all watched and haven't watched because - let's be real - this show is six seasons in.)


My name is Dani, and I'm from San Diego. My favorite Archer quote will always be "This is how you get ants." Because there's never not an opportunity to promote cleanliness. And I haven't watched the series in order or anything, but I've definitely watched a little of each season.

Anyway, nice to meet you guys. Now it's your turn:

(NOTE: If you're not tagged up there and LOVE 'Archer' too, just hop into the comments with your own response to today's questions. Or, you know, join my League of Extraordinary Archer Fans collection and receive a notification every time there's an update!)
My name is Gessica ...yup Gessica with a G! 馃槈 I'm from Maryland. My favorite quote is "lana?, lana? LANAAAAAAA!!!?" everytime he does it I die of laughter. 馃槀. I am all caught up with the show and I rewatch seasons 1-5 weekly (its on Netflix馃槈). It never gets old! 馃槃
I'm Jacob and my favorite quote is either "first of all, what the shit mother?" or "uhh smoke bomb!"
hey I'm Chris! "Lana...Lana...LLLLLAAAAANNNNNAAAA!!!" Lol I've seen and own every season, love this show!
Heyyy i'm cyn and i live in Arizona but I'm from New Jersey. I wasn't tagged but I love Archer and I'd have to agree on your fave quote. Either that or "danger zone!" Cuz that's always fun to say hahah
RAMPAAAAAAAGE Also my name is Shannon and I've seen everything... it can't be unseen XD
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