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Kpop Tag you're it!
Sorry it's late I've been a lil scatter-brained lately. I was tagged by bunnies @Jiyongixoxo and @thePinkPrincess for this and here are my answers!! Enjoy!

1. What was you first KPOP song?

A: A'ST1 ~ Yearning Heart (Ashwiun Maeumingeol)

This took some searching as I didn't quite remember what the song was. All I could remember was the melody and that I heard it on Boys Over Flowers when I first watched it back before I ever knew what KPOP or Kdramas were. Plus there were a few years in between when I watched it and when I started liking KPOP. Thank goodness for the internet cause I found it!! I love this song and I was really sad to learn one of the members died a year or two ago.

2. Who was your first KPOP group?


I found them back in their Beautiful Night era and haven't looked back since! I will always love these guys and they'll always be #1 in my heart!

3. Who was your first Female bias? A: Sulli (Choi Jin Ri) f(x)

I love her she's just gorgeous and a sweetie. I hated that she left the group but she seems more happy and relaxed now so I'm happy for her.

4. Who was your first Male bias? A: Yong Jun Hyung (B2ST)

His voice and his looks caught my eye immediately and he's still very high on my UB list. He's such a talented person I love him to bits.

5. Who is you UB currently? A: Lee Donghae (SuJu)

He's actually been my UB for a while now, at least a year or two. My fishy Hae. ^^ I just love everything about him. He's like the whole package, everything I could want in a guy he has. I miss him right now! (one of my fav pics)

6. What was the first song you learned choreography to? A: None

I absolutely suck at dancing and am very uncoordinated. I know the motions to tons of songs but can NOT execute them lol! I look like I'm dying if I try. ^u^

7. Not counting your Bias group what other group has a special place in you heart? A: B1A4

They were my second KPOP group and theirs was the second physical album I ever bought. So much love for them and love their music. They need to be more popular, they're all so talented!
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Jun hyung is pretty good looking lol I've had my eye on b2st just may have to listen now haha
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@Jiyongixoxo you definitely should! And yes he is very yummy!
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