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Sorry it's late I've been a lil scatter-brained lately. I was tagged by bunnies @Jiyongixoxo and @thePinkPrincess for this and here are my answers!! Enjoy!

1. What was you first KPOP song?

A: A'ST1 ~ Yearning Heart (Ashwiun Maeumingeol)

This took some searching as I didn't quite remember what the song was. All I could remember was the melody and that I heard it on Boys Over Flowers when I first watched it back before I ever knew what KPOP or Kdramas were. Plus there were a few years in between when I watched it and when I started liking KPOP. Thank goodness for the internet cause I found it!! I love this song and I was really sad to learn one of the members died a year or two ago.

2. Who was your first KPOP group?


I found them back in their Beautiful Night era and haven't looked back since! I will always love these guys and they'll always be #1 in my heart!

3. Who was your first Female bias? A: Sulli (Choi Jin Ri) f(x)

I love her she's just gorgeous and a sweetie. I hated that she left the group but she seems more happy and relaxed now so I'm happy for her.

4. Who was your first Male bias? A: Yong Jun Hyung (B2ST)

His voice and his looks caught my eye immediately and he's still very high on my UB list. He's such a talented person I love him to bits.

5. Who is you UB currently? A: Lee Donghae (SuJu)

He's actually been my UB for a while now, at least a year or two. My fishy Hae. ^^ I just love everything about him. He's like the whole package, everything I could want in a guy he has. I miss him right now! (one of my fav pics)

6. What was the first song you learned choreography to? A: None

I absolutely suck at dancing and am very uncoordinated. I know the motions to tons of songs but can NOT execute them lol! I look like I'm dying if I try. ^u^

7. Not counting your Bias group what other group has a special place in you heart? A: B1A4

They were my second KPOP group and theirs was the second physical album I ever bought. So much love for them and love their music. They need to be more popular, they're all so talented!
Jun hyung is pretty good looking lol I've had my eye on b2st just may have to listen now haha
@Jiyongixoxo you definitely should! And yes he is very yummy!