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OKAY! So I got tagged for this and I have accepted the challenge since I'm not very social. Here we go;
My favorite food for thanksgiving is pie.
I despise black friday. I think people are insane for letting that kind of thing be an excuse to act like Neanderthals and hurt people. With friday being a helacious they should just let the whole month be discounted like that.
I like the small amount of people in my family that get together to celebrate this holiday. We dont see each other much and we all get so excited to sit at one table. It's extra special now because my niece was just born in October.
The day after I go back to work. bleck.
So this last question, what does thanksgiving make me think of....? Well, lots of things that I dont know how to gif. I think of the sacrifice the native Americans had to suffer, I think of enjoying company with my family and lastly.... I think of just a fulfilling meal.
I am thankful that I have people to gather with, be they friend or fam.
So here's the challenge: answer each question with a gif 1: What's your favorite food? 2: How do YOU feel about Black Friday? 3: How do you feel about being with Fam? 4: What're you doing the day after? 5: When you think of Thanksgiving what comes to mind? I tag you: @Lilli3 @LAVONYORK @nicolejb @poojas @littlemaryk What cha think @danidee lame right? lol
I just think that because of the families that suffer from that stuff. Like how awful does it sound to say your family died because they wanted to save money? *sigh*
I like that idea you have of just offering a Black Friday discount for an extended amount of time rather than a few hours immediately after Thanksgiving. I think a month would kind of make it difficult for companies to do it right up until Christmas, but I think maybe if they did it from Black Friday to the following Friday, that would be a fantastic solution!
That cat with the pie馃槀馃槀馃槀
HAHAHAHA that work gif is frightening... do you work at burger king? Also, thanks for the TAG! I'm totally going to do this:D
:3 thanks.
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