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BTS Theory Round Up
It wouldn't be a Bangtan comeback without mystery, clues, and hundreds of theories.
I put together a list of 6 that I've seen here on Vingle, but would love to add more! Check out the theories below and add your own!

Which do you believe?!

1. Jin's Shoes

Is this proof that Jin is the only one left alive at the end of the music video?!
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @ILikeHisFace123

2. Yoongi's Guilt?

Is Suga responsible for Jungkook's death? Why did he burn down his own room in I Need U? Do we finally get the back story?
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @xojuliettexox

3. Goodbyes

Why isn't Jin waving?
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @Bitterlimelight

4. The Shirt

Details, details. Did you guys notice anything interesting about Jungkook's shirt? Well, the ARMY found something...
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @Emealia

5. The Real Reason

Looks like someone figured out the real reason behind the Suga/Jungkook fight...
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @AnnahiZaragoza

6. Namjoon's Song

What inspired the song Run? Rap Monster might have left us some clues!
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @Emealia

Have you guys heard any more theories?! Leave them in the comments or link the card!

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I read that the reason that kookie might have punched Suga was because he drank either gasoline or alcohol. When u watch the teaser and u pause it right after her punches him and Suga turns back there's like yellowish water coming out of his mouth.
give us time to recover from your theories @Emealia. Dont bombard us all of the sudden. give us a little warning. but please, keep doing your thing.
I really hope that all this becomes clarified to us once the album is out. I'm literally pulling my hair trying to figure out what's really happening 馃槶
Guyssssss..... Knowing this now makes me wanna cry 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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