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It wouldn't be a Bangtan comeback without mystery, clues, and hundreds of theories.
I put together a list of 6 that I've seen here on Vingle, but would love to add more! Check out the theories below and add your own!

Which do you believe?!

1. Jin's Shoes

Is this proof that Jin is the only one left alive at the end of the music video?!
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @ILikeHisFace123

2. Yoongi's Guilt?

Is Suga responsible for Jungkook's death? Why did he burn down his own room in I Need U? Do we finally get the back story?
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @xojuliettexox

3. Goodbyes

Why isn't Jin waving?
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @Bitterlimelight

4. The Shirt

Details, details. Did you guys notice anything interesting about Jungkook's shirt? Well, the ARMY found something...
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @Emealia

5. The Real Reason

Looks like someone figured out the real reason behind the Suga/Jungkook fight...
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @AnnahiZaragoza

6. Namjoon's Song

What inspired the song Run? Rap Monster might have left us some clues!
Read about it >>HERE<< thanks to @Emealia

Have you guys heard any more theories?! Leave them in the comments or link the card!

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didn't anyone notice the part where everyone except jin is in the front yelling n smiling while jin is in the car with just a smile as if he is remembering what happened there before
I'd like to chime in on theories for a bit. Okay so watching BTS Live with Rapmon and Jimin, Rapmon pointed out how the two teasers were different because one was realistic and the other was like a dream world. Pair that with Je Ne Regrette Rien which was a song featured prominently in the movie Inception, I think there may be a link there.
@jennymedina0318 I thought it was weird, too. At first, I thought it was blood because he punched him, but it didn't look like blood so I'm confused. So many questions...
@sarabear1021 that kind of make sense a little, thank you this
Okay so in the I need U mv Suga is wearing a white shirt in the room he lights on fire, the collar looks a bit stretched so I looked at the fight scene in I Need U and Jungkook was wearing a whitish shirt and it may have stretched out from the fight..... And Jungkook was wearing it in the fight scene with Suga in Run and it may have gotten stretched out in that fight too... OH MY GOSH AISJKAJSKSJ.. So my theory with this is that Suga and Jungkook got into a fight so Jungkook left (put on a black jacket and took off his plaid jacket thing) and people beat him up in the alley then he got hit by a car, Suga felt like he was the cause/reason of his death so he burned himself in the last shirt Jungkook wore... Excuse me while I bawl my eyes out hoping I'm wrong and that everyone is alive and happy.