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Yozees! Found these the other day and thought they were interesting. These are the EXO guys who would be part of the slytherin house in Hogwarts. I dont think these are totally right, but i can see why people would think this. Tell what you think. Keep in mind- Not all slytherin's are evil. I did not make these pictures. I found them online. Just because I agree with the groupings does not mean I think the guys are scary or evil. these are just my opinions.
First up Sehun. TBH, when I first saw Sehun, I thought he was kind cold or would mean, but as i watched more videos, I found out he is just as playful and charming as the other guys. I think Slytherin would be a good house for him because he has most of the qualities.
Next Tao Okay, when I first saw Tao, he scared me. I thought he was the mean tough one. But I have learned and now I know he's just a little sweetheart who will best your ass if needed. Honestly, I think Tao would be more in Hufflepuff, or maybe Gryffindor even thought he isn't the braves one I'm the group.
Last Kai Kai is absolutely, 100% slytherin. He is naturally clever and is very persuasive with people. I couldn't see him being in any other house.
That's my thoughts. Twll me what you think. Byyyyeeeee!!!! #slytherin #kai #sehun #tao #exo #hogwarts