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(YOUR POV) "What do you fee like eating today?" You ask your daughter as you dry her off with her bath towel. "Noodles." Hyun-Ae cheerfully says then runs out of the bathroom...naked. "YA! HYUN-AE Why do you do this every time to mommy?" I cry out and chase after her up the stairs to our bedroom. Hyun-Ae slips through my legs and goes back downstairs. "YA! Young Lady if you fall and start crying I'm not going to take care of you." Hyun-Ae stops and comes back upstairs. "That's right Little Missy." Once Hyun-Ae is changed into her pajamas she sits on the living room floor playing with her dolls that Mark got her; while I'm in the kitchen serving our dinner, rice and beef. We have noodles every night so I HAD to change it up. "Annyeong! I'm home!" I scream out in surprise, "Hyun-Ae get me the first aid kit from the restroom; Mark upstairs now." Hyun-Ae runs to the restroom and hands me the first aid kit. "Eomma, what happened to Ahjussi?" "Hyun-Ae, baby, Ahjussi is fine go eat your dinner, okay?" I place her dinner on the coffee table and head upstairs to meet up with Mark. When I get upstairs Mark is lying down on my bed with his eyes shut. "If you're going to die I suggest you do it outside." I say as I sit on the edge of the bed. "How nice of you; after all that I've done for you." He chuckles. "This is no matter to be joking about, Mark, what the hell happened?" I ask sternly as I examine his damaged face. =================FLASHBACK================================ (MARK'S POV) Jackson slams the door when he walks back into the practice room and walks straight to me, then WAM my face was pulsing with pain. "WHAT THE FUCK MARK?! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU GO AND DO THIS SHIT! WHY DIDN'T YOU FUCKING TELL ME?" Jackson yells out in anger. "Do you know what he just said?" Yugyeom asks the other members. "All I heard was 'Mark' and that's it and a lot of anger." Junior says. "Are you seriously asking that question? Why didn't I tell you? Hm I don't know Jackson maybe because you were being a piece of shit to her when she did nothing! Why didn't I tell you? Well who's the one that dumped her in a text message?! Why didn't I FUCKING TELL YOU?! WELL YOU HAVE NEVER ASKED ONCE ON HOW SHE WAS DOING?! NOT ONCE WERE YOU CONCERN ABOUT HER HEALTH! I WAS THERE FOR HER, JACKSON! I WAS THERE WHEN YOU WERE TO SCARED TO PUT ON BIG BOY PANTS! I was there when Hyun-Ae was born and let me just tell you she has called me dad once when I take care of her when (Y/N) works. I have always been there for them that along the way I did get feelings for (Y/N) and I wish I had the strength to tell her how I feel." I let out everything that I have had bottled up. "Don't you just hate it when they use English?" Yugyeom says. "It's not hard!" Youngjae says but immediately stays quiet when everyone gives him a stern look. "You better stay away from her." Jackson says through his teeth. "What are you going to do, Jackson? (Y/N) already hates you and your own daughter doesn't even know who you are." Jackson punches me for the second time right in the face causing me to lose my balance. Jackson attacked me punch after punch; the guys were trying to pull him off but Jackson was raging out of control. ==============================PRESENT=============================== (YOUR POV) "Are you sure that you don't want to go to the hospital?" Mark hisses as I place the ice pack on his left cheek. "No, I think I'll survive." His hand skims my hand that is holding the ice pack and I let go of it once he holds the ice pack on his own. "I know you're not going to die idiot, but just to make sure that you don't have like a hairline fracture somewhere nor a fractured nose or jaw." I clean up the mess that was created from bandaging his bruised face. "No, because it'll create a commotion and then reporters and all that mess. I'll just rest here if that's fine with you?" He lays back down on the bed and closes his eyes. "Yeah, that cool; you should eat first so you won't die of hunger." "I have a higher risk of dying from food poisoning than starvation." Mark jokes. "YA!" I punch his chest and he groans. "Hyun-Ae is still alive okay!" Mark sits up, ruffles my hair, and heads downstairs and I follow right behind him. I serve him his plate and take mine and his to the living room. "Hyun-Ae get off of your Uncle's lap for now so he can eat." "No, it's okay she can stay. Hand me the plate." I hand over his plate and he balances Hyun-Ae on his left thigh. "See now we're both happy." I place my food on the coffee table temporarily so I can insert the movie in. I grab the remote and my plate off of the table and sit side ways on my legs. "Did you finish the story?" Mark asks me. "SHHHHH!" Hyun-Ae spits. Mark lets out a small laugh the whispers, "Sorry" to Hyun-Ae. "Did you finish the story?" He whispers to me. I nod my head as I stick a spoonful of rice into my mouth.
(THIRD PERSON POV) "So I guess Mark isn't coming home." JB says. The GOT7 members returned to their dorm after their manager let them go. Both Mark and Jackson went in different directions while the other five remaining members went straight to the dorm. Jackson returned when BamBam was preparing dinner, but Mark was still a no show. "Do you think he's alright?" Youngjae asks. "I'm pretty sure he's fine, I mean Mark is old enough, and he has his phone." Junior says with food in his mouth. "Most likely he's at (Y/N)'s." Yugyeom says. "SHHH!" The four members spit at Yugeom. Jackson stands up quickly with his plate and slams the door to his and Mark's room. "Way to go." BamBam says. "What?" Yugyeom is clueless to what he just caused.
(JACKSON'S POV) I throw away the food into the trash bin and toss the plate aside. I throw myself backwards onto my bed and slide my phone out of my pocket. I click the 'Photos' icon and scroll down to an album that I have of just old photos of (Y/N) and I, back when we were together. "I'm sorry for never trying with all my heart to get a hold of you. I can't believe that we have a little girl." I whisper to the image of (Y/N). "I will fix things with you; just wait."
PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I just wanted to give you guys something and I didn't want to leave you guys hanging from Pt 2. I now realize that I left you guys hanging either way, BUT no worries I'll probably do a Pt 4 at school or after school tomorrow. GOODNIGHT MY AWESOME NERDS! OH tell me who you think she ends up with. MARK, JACKSON, OR Single Mom.
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well from the beginning I had a felling that Mark was going to fall for her.. and he is the one that has been there for her so... is tough idk..
I totally don't keep checking back for part 4.... nope... I'm not in love/addicted to the story...
omg juicy drama I love it can't wait for the next part this could totally be a kdrama ❤😂
omg! this is sooo sad 😭😭 please make a part 4 of it
too hard to pick.... I think if she still loves Jackson then him. if jot mark