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Cute or Sexy?? (#4): Kim Namjoon

Its RapMon day!!

What do you see when you look at Namjoonie? A cute goofball or a sexy leader??

Im gonna let you guys decide!!!

Awwwww!!!! His dimples are perfection ^.^

OMO!!! He's so goofy its attractive lol XD

But then again.....

Sexy looks good on him O.O

What do you think?? Comment your vote below!! Happy RapMon Day!!!

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He is both 馃槈馃構
a year agoReply
While Rapmon is definitely a goofball he is pretty much sexy about 90% of the time. He can help you slide those panties off 馃槈
a year agoReply
If I offend anyone I'm sorry in advance but this man is sex on legs he's hot as hell!!!
a year agoReply
a year agoReply
Smoldering Hot, Sexy!!
a year agoReply