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In pokemon, the eeveelutions were always my favorite. My favorite eeveelution is Espeon. I like Espeon cause she is kinda the mature cool one. (sorry if u think its a boy, pokemon can be any gender but I usually call Espeon a female) Comment your favorite below ≧﹏≦
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that is odd. I always wondered if two Pokémon of different species were to breed, which one would you get out of it, or if it would create a new pokemon.
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Too Many To Choose !!! 😣
2 years ago·Reply
Flareon is it that's my favorite
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out of the eevees i always preferred espeon aswell but out of all pokemon i love dragonite
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it's a 3 way tie. XD Leafeon, Glaceon, and Vaporeon. Maybe Leafeon a tad bit than the other 2. but not by much.
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