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do u hate it when people call anime cartoons?
I don't really see the problem here. I don't really mind when people call it "cartoons" or "Japanese cartoons". Animes are cartoons. Anime is basically short for animation. Plus, cartoons are also animations. Animes and cartoons have things in common, but the only thing that differentiate between an anime and a cartoon is the style of how they're developed and the set of rules they follow (especially when creating the characters). Anime is eastern style and sometimes can be western, while cartoon is western style and sometimes can be eastern. Although, animes goes more in depth with the plot compared to most cartoons. It's the audiences that are trying to differentiate the two. But in the end, animes are basically "cartoons" or "Japanese cartoons". So I don't really see why most people get offended when someone says animes are cartoons/Japanese cartoons. I used to agreed with others that animes and cartoons are not the same thing, to the point of even debating with others if I had to. But after learning the aspects of animes and cartoons, I came to terms with it and realize they're basically the same.
I love anime and all. I agree that it should be called anime because that is the proper term but by definition it's technically a cartoon. I can see where everyone comes from when they get upset for an anime being called a cartoon though. Please don't hate for this I'm just pointing out a fact.
well in all honesty the term anime does translate into japanese cartoons
they're not the same totally different Japanese anime rock and cartoon to go jump off a cliff
thanks guys....n I'm quite new on here so thanks
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