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Being that the 30th is BTS's comeback, I decided I would participate in a week that we dedicate to BTS. I started a day late, but it's great to start this with the leader himself.., Namjoon AKA Rap Monster.
how can you not love this adorable face of his? when you have dimples like Namjoon, there is no reason to worry about not having girls all over you.., it helps that he's such a good person in general. And according to the other 6 members, Rap Mon is the "manly man" of the group.
He's got the brains to go with the looks, ladies.......
Plus, he's just one of the coolest seeming people on earth.., and he's down to earth. You almost couldn't ask for a better leader for this group of dorky guys........ how can you not love him??