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The Struggles Of A Kpop Fan
As kpop fans, we go through struggles no one else goes through. We go through the hardest of struggles that cut deep into your soul (until you see your bias body roll which for some reason makes everything better).

Guy vs. Girl

This is the biggest pet peeve of any kpop fan.
I cannot tell you how irritated I was when my friend saw a picture of Jeonghan of Seventeen and said "She's pretty!"
OMG you have no idea how bad I was considering murder...
I mean, adam's apple people!!!
Like, right there! Right effin there!

Money Issues

Kpop groups tend to have different versions of albums. For example, Seventeen's Hide version and Seek version. Exo's albums that were in Korean and Mandarin and is now in Japanese as well.
They all have different pictures in them and you know you want all of them!
Especially when they have handwritten notes!
And don't even get me started on the kpop merch.
Like I saw this sweater that is the same design as the sweaters Exo would wear in their overdose era. I seriously debated stealing my mothers credit card.
But now I decided to get a job!
I better get it soon cuz I found a Kai ring from the MAMA era.

Eng Sub or Nahhhhh

This is a huge struggle all kpop fans go through...well, fans who speak English which is a good bulk of them.
I was seriously dying when no one was uploading Seventeen on Weekly Idol with English sub. Like I had my friends watching out for me, I was constantly on Instagram and YouTube waiting for someone to upload it.
Then someone uploaded it! -without English subtitles.
OMG I almost cried because I got so excited and then was completely let down.
But someone finally did and I almost died of happiness.

Wifi or Nahhhhh

The thing we all look for whenever we go somewhere is the wifi.
Where the wifi at?!
Without wifi, I can't watch my bias in that one Kdrama.
Without wifi, I can't know the exact moment when those hq pictures post up!
Without wifi, I can't watch the concert video of my bias group body rolling and killing my ovaries in the process!

A Whole New Level Of Boyfriend Expectations

This goes for every kpop fangirl-or fanboy. I don't know how fanboys work, but if you are one, I'd love to find out.
But anyway, kpop has ruined my typical expectations of a boyfriend and just of guys in general.
I literally cringe when I look at the guys around me that don't wear makeup.
I literally ask myself "Does he have abs?...Nope, so not worth talking to..."
I literally rate guys on a scale from Baekhyun to Kai.
From Woozi to Wonwoo.
From Bambam to Jackson.
Meaning from cute as hell to sexy as hell.
Which also means I'm probably never going to date until I finally go to South Korea where my inability to speak Korean will prevent me from dating there as well...
This was fun to write! haha
These are some issues I go through that I'm sure you guys go through.
Any struggles you go through as a kpop fan?
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@Craze4Halyu haha if only tears turned to money!
2 years agoReply
@Helixx totally! haha
2 years agoReply
@Jiyongixoxo We might be sisters... I have 6 cats. Which reminds me, one of them knocked the Heartbreaker picture off the wall last night and I need to go glue the frame back together.
2 years agoReply
@Helixx seriously and my cats knock my pictures down a lot(for some reason they only knock down my got7 ones they never touch the GD ones lol) that's why they aren't allowed in my room anymore 馃槀
2 years agoReply
@Jiyongixoxo Even your cats know the perfection that is GD is not to be messed with.
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