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Yesterday I went to the flea market along the side of the Han River. From now on, every weekend until the winter the flea market would happen weekly. The idea of the flea market is to encourage the Koreans be aware of a better greener Earth. You just need to register a place online, and on the weekend bring your stuff come here and sell. When I was there, there were a lot of children who come there with their parents. It was a good act and an good education for kids to learn from their early childhood to appreciate the stuffs that they used. So if you are around in Seoul, come here for a weekend to enjoy the family atmosphere of new Korea
follow the line 7, and get off at ttukseoum resort :) You could fine it :)
how can i get there?
@hyperbolic it is on line 7 ttukseom resort :) . Last weekend was the openning season :) You should come there and check it out :)
i wonder a specific name of the area holding the flea market!