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Follow the collection to learn Japanese phrases along with anime characters! ^_^
Or you could say, なに を みたい? (nani o mitai) miru means "to watch" mitai is "want to watch" tai basically means "want" so you could also say that. Or, more formally, なに を みたいですか?(nani o mitai desuka?) :) I'm currently studying Japanese in my university
@CaitlynXD I thought the most formal would be なにをみたいんですか?(Nani o mitai n desu ka?) I've been studying about that, too. When should I add an N?
@Rockron97 I'm not sure. my sensei said that we add the N to explain things or explain the urgency of things. Like if someone asks you what's wrong and you sayトイレ を いきたいんです (toire o ikitai n desu) i want to go to the toilet. I think that's how it's used but I'm not entirely sure. That's one lesson that I didn't really get :/