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have you ever felt like calling a guy who is older than you oppa/ hyung or a girl that is older than you unnie/nuna ?
@AmandaLyons I know the feeling. I wish my friends understood, but they don't and so it's another part of me that I can't share. Atleast half of my friends are into anime as much as me. But it's harder finding people who are into kpop or any part of korean culture. :(
i know that feeling too and i wish every day to found someone undrestand me
i always tell my sister why dont i have a older brother to call him OPPA!
me too :D
@AmandaLyons I know how u feel. My friends are the same way and even if they are into Kpop they don't really talk about it TT.TT so when an album comes out it's usually me squealing and fangirling alone at school XD life is beautiful XP
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