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Yup RDJ said it!
Fan art, got to love it! ♥ ♥ ♥
Came here looking for adult content, was very disappointed, the only real Iron Lady is Margaret Thatcher.
also if I were Pepper I'd blast him too
omg I do not want to see Maggie Thatcher looking like this XD haha @LAVONYORK you're all good <3 I just know there's been some really adult stuff in the anime community lately and I don't want us to get in trouble XD
Lmao @hhead232 as part of Vingle rules and the rules by the administration of the Marvel Community we must put an alert on anything that can be taken a certain way by younger views that read our content. This particular one was not too much but the skin showing and the dialogue might not be considered appropriate. It's that gray area lol so in order for me to stay compliance with Vingle and the Marvel admin @shannonl5 I have to put an alert ⚠ no matter how tiny it could be. Besides, I'm not trying to get tossed out lol.. I just add a little spice