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If you thing about it they always talk about everything there in front of him 馃槀
馃槺Ichiraku knows how to 馃搫defeat Madara and every other 馃懁character in Naruto!? 馃摏SPOILER ALERT! 馃嵅Ichiraku and his 馃懅daughter may become the 馃懞greatest villains on Boruto.馃挴
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wow I'm just now thinking of that he should know everything lol
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Oh snap! He would be the ONLY ninja who saw Kakashi's face before the reveal...well that and the saucy ramen girl XD (all puns intended)
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conspiracy time he is a ninja from a small land & his mission is to make the best ramon shop in town & have all the leaf ninja talk about top secret topics in front of him..... mission accomplished lol
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I bet he's the number one trust worthy citizen in konoha if even the ninjas don't worry bout talking their bout top secrets
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