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馃槺Ichiraku knows how to 馃搫defeat Madara and every other 馃懁character in Naruto!? 馃摏SPOILER ALERT! 馃嵅Ichiraku and his 馃懅daughter may become the 馃懞greatest villains on Boruto.馃挴
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wow I'm just now thinking of that he should know everything lol
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Oh snap! He would be the ONLY ninja who saw Kakashi's face before the reveal...well that and the saucy ramen girl XD (all puns intended)
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conspiracy time he is a ninja from a small land & his mission is to make the best ramon shop in town & have all the leaf ninja talk about top secret topics in front of him..... mission accomplished lol
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I bet he's the number one trust worthy citizen in konoha if even the ninjas don't worry bout talking their bout top secrets
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