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Couple In Long Distance Relationship Creates Photo Project

Long distance relationships are capable of working.

It takes two, or at least they say. When it comes to long distance relationships, better known as LDR's -- communication is key. Making something work when you're miles away from the one you love takes patience, effort and creativity. If you have faith that things will work out, they will and as for two artists, Li Seok and Danbi Shin from South Korea, they have a strategy that allows their specific relationship to work.
While Danbi currently lives in New York City and Li in Seoul, your first thought would probably be -- "how in the world do they make things work?" That's where the creativity comes into play. The couple both happen to be artists and they've managed to take their love for art and turn it into inspiration for their relationship. While traveling can be fairly pricey, the two have created an option that allows them both to feel connected to one another through photographs. If you're curious as to how the two keep their relationship, keep scrolling to see their love come to life through a photo collage project they came up with called "Half & Half".

How amazing is this idea for LDR's?

Wishing Li and Danbi the best.
Wow. Totally awesome :) I love this idea. The photos are really beautiful, too! Thanks for tagging me @ButterflyBlu, you know me too well ^^ p.s. I see Kel this Friday. And I owe you some messages!!! <3
This is so COOL! <3 I love it! How unique and genius is this, really? They'll treasure these memories for a long time. I think @allobaber will like these, too.
I wish them the best of luck
I know how this feels
I DO know you, @AlloBaber! and I loves ya. You're welcome! ^.^ OH so it's This weekend! *bouncing* I got excited too early. lol. I am so excited for you... I can't wait FOR you, I know you must be losing your mind. How's the quitting business going? I've been sending all my happy, hopeful thoughts and prayers your way! <3 No worries on the messages. I know you're busy! *HUGS*
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