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K-dramas are fully of the rich and famous....but who comes out on top?

I know I missed a ton of rich kids on my list, so please add them in the comments :D

Gu Jun Pyo - Boys Over Flowers

The ultimate rich boy. Spoiled by his parents and sheltered from the real world. It's up to Jandi to teach him about real life.

Kim Tan - Heirs

He's very privileged and definitely spoiled. It's time for yet another girl to teach Minho how the real world works.

Han Kyul - Coffee Prince

This cafe is his last shot to prove to his family that he isn't just wasting his time and the family fortune. Can he run his own business?

Joo-Won - Secret Garden

Another wealthy boy who falls in love with a girl that flips his entire world upside down (quite literally lol) Will he grow up and become a real man?

Do Min Joon - My Love From Another Star

You're an alien that lives for hundreds of years yet you're still teaching at a local college?! What's up with that?!

Lee Gun - Fated to Love You

The heir to an incredible fortune and the owner of a giant company. What happens when his one night stand with a "normal girl" leads to an unwanted pregnancy?

Young-Do - Heirs

Spoiled, arrogant, and doesn't like it when he can't get what he wants. Sure he's handsome and hilarious at times, but will he get a better attitude?

Who is your favorite?

Mine is Do Min Joon because he:

1. Earned his money by living for hundreds of years (lol) instead of it just being family money.
2. He spends it on books and art!
3. He doesn't really care about money, he just happens to have a lot of it :D
Han Kyul is a close second place!
Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) from Master's Sun was also a chaebol and I loved that they always showed him working hard. He was never bratty or ungrateful with his money. He didn't flash it around and was willing to put in the work to create an empire!!
mine is Young Do ... no reason ... I just love him 😍😍😍
Oh mine is so Do Min Joon!!!!
@JamiMilsap Joo Won is def my second fav:) I just love his character
Do Min Joon! Do Min Joon! Do Min Joon!
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