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Im glad everyone here likes anime but lets not assume you know everything or claim to be an otaku if you've only seen dubs on adult swim or have only watched fairytail, fma, snk, one piece. Step away from the super mainstream for a bit and experience all kinds of anime. Just saying this because I love anime and take this seriously - Just ur fellow otaku
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I liked the seven deadly sins, it was pretty good but right now im watching the first season of hajime no ippo and rewatching samurai champloo (fyi highly recommended) @SavannahStarlit
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FOR REAL!!! people at my school were saying that they were otakus, I went up to them and asked what animes have they seen (me being excited thinking I had a fellow otaku) they only have seen dbz...
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what I think of otaku is someone who loves anime, manga, games , or all of the above. they have a passion for it.
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@hiinata2dope lol the struggle. i go through tht too
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@MorghanPorter exactly my fellow otaku
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