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Im glad everyone here likes anime but lets not assume you know everything or claim to be an otaku if you've only seen dubs on adult swim or have only watched fairytail, fma, snk, one piece. Step away from the super mainstream for a bit and experience all kinds of anime. Just saying this because I love anime and take this seriously - Just ur fellow otaku
@UzumakiJess @KilljoyExorcist Come on my fellow otakus. We all like anime here. This is the one place we should all unite and get together lol
@UzumakiJess True very few people have the patience to watch allll of those episodes lol. For the record i have 馃槀
@lancednobiensky Thts the otaku spirit lol and anime is life 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Meh. I'll talk about any anime with anybody. I don't care if they only like the mainstream or not. I just enjoy anime period and love to find other people who love it too
@UzumakiJess @KilljoyExorcist yesssssss the otaku bond lol
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