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My poor foot 馃槥馃槥
i havent been on vingle lately because ive been spending most of my time laying on my back in the bed with my feet elevated. i reinjured my foot just a little but i already had circulation problems in both feet and legs and the new injury made it worse. it is now very hard to manage and i cant walk around very much. its gotten so bad. sometimes it is just driving me crazy and i get depressed just laying in the bed. but i have a friend that is going to pay for me to have an MRI done. when i told the doctor about my circulation problem, she didnt say anything about it like there was nothing she could do. please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. And ill be back on when im feeling better.
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I'm so sorry to hear this!! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Especially during this week of Thanksgiving! :)
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Oh noooO!!!!! I am so sorry. I hope everything gets better soon
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@overdrive210 im always laying down so i cant do much of anything. and i dont do read or write as a hobby. everything i do is on my phone but its hard to type when im laying down.
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you all are so nice and thanks a lot.
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you are in my prayers i always look for the positive in the negative scenarios of my life
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