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Ok, I've tried to be really good for all the other Nani November cards (@VinMcCarthy), but for this 8th one I'm gonna have to break down and pick more than one! I mean, a girl's gotta have lots of clothes, right? So, for my favorite anime garb, it's a 3-way tie for me between Erza's Lightning Empress Armor, Nanami's Kagura Dance Kimono, and the typical Wolf-Demon Tribe armor.
First up, the Queen of the Fairies herself! Erza has a lot of different armors, but her Lightning Empress Armor takes the cake for me! Unlike some of her other armors, it's not overly bulky. It looks easy to maneuver in, and that is huge in a fight. Despite this, it still has enough armor components (boots, grieves, bracers, backplane and breastplate) to provide plenty of protection.
It is also extremely beautiful. The skirt is cut like lily-flower petals, and the colors and accents meld wonderfully. It has a really cool strapping pattern on the sides, and even though it is gorgeous and accentuating, it's not overly revealing. Since that happens more often than not with well-endowed female characters, I love this armors ability to be exceptionally flattering without being a fan-service icon, and still be feasibly very functional in combat.
Oh, and LIGHTNING Empress Armor? I love fire and lightning, so that is an incredibly cool power to have packaged into this wonderfully elegant and badass piece of clothing!
Now, Nanami is one of my favorite characters and I'm very happy to be able to write something including her. This Kimono is the one that Nanami wears when performing the cleansing Kagura dance. This garment signifies purity and healing for the land, and helps Nanami start to settle into her powers and purpose as a god.
While I personally prefer the lighter colors of her Kimono before Mikage fiddles with it, I still think it is a wonderful piece. The butterflies are Mikages animal and having them on the Kimono is a neat touch, like Mikage's blessing to Nanami. The cut of this garment is very different from other kimono's I've seen (I'm calling it a kimono, but if anyone knows if there is a proper name for it, please let me know!) and I appreciate all of the accents and cuts and folds that accentuate the flowing nature of the Kagura dance.
Overall, this garment embodies the rippling, fluid nature of the Kagura dance and the healing power behind it; as well as potentially providing Nanami with something tangible to help her adjust into her godly role. I think that is beautiful.
Lastly, the Wolf Demon Tribe. A bit different than the previous two, but still a style I could not leave out. I love wolves, so the fur accents and the connection therein immediately shot this one to the fore for me. However, its more than that. I love the overall structure and design of this ensemble. The fur shin guards look epic, like furry greaves (which are a favorite part of armor for me, along with bracers, which, hey, lookie, they have too!). The shorter fur skirt to enable leg movement and not be a hindrance in running or battle is a good touch. The fur shoulder covers help to accent and tie in the other fur items, while the sole non-fur item, the breast plate, still looks like it could help deflect blows, and doesn't look out of place.
Overall, I love the ability of movement and action this garment embodies. It just looks made for running through the wilderness and physical combat (oh, wait, um....). I really appreciate that when compared to Kagome's constant school uniform or InuYasha or Sesshomaru's baggier clothing that looks like it would be an impediment to excess movement. It's just a very cool-looking garment to me, and something I really want to try to cosplay someday!
Nice! You should do it then! She's awesome!
Yeah, bout a 2-3 inch pixie cut ;) the closest I can think of is young Riza Hawkeye from FMAB
What color hair do you have? @Kirik
Ah, @TiffanyWallace, and that's my problem. I can't find anyone to cosplay with my hair, so I'll have to go for a wig, but I still really wanna do this cosplay too!
this is a great pick! or picks, I should say XD I really liked the level of detail you put into this. there's a lot of thought here. well done @Kirik !
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