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We know Namjoonie as the leader of BTS but what about before that? How did Namjoon become the Rap Monster we know today.
Apparently before he joined Bangtan Boys he had a solo underground career under the stage name 'Runch Randa'. The name given by one of his friends at the time. He didn't stop until he became a trainee and had no time for anything else.
Check out some of his songs from then. ^^ What do you think of them?

What do you think of Namjoon's secret past?? Happy RapMon Day!!!

Runch Randa from the hood XD
I'm a Namjoon fan all day. I can tell he has grown so much in his craft. I'm glad he changed that stage name lol
he has a darker past than that! he's been through alot:( but rap mon is amazing
I love them! But can I say that puberty did well for Zico and his voice lol but these songs are perfect
dang. puberty hit him good kinda hard to tell which was his compared to his voice now days 馃槻
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