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WAHFHIEAOWE! This anime was really good! My friend recommended me this anime and it was really worth it.
The story takes place in a world where youmu, spirits (usually evil or mean harm), roam the human world and "Spirit World Warriors", specialists in killing youmu, protect normal humans from youmu attacks. A Spirit World Warrior can make a living off of killing and then selling the soul of youmu. Mirai Kuriyama, a young teenager and Spirit World Warrior, has the special skill of manipulating her blood, ie. a sword. After hearing of a teenage boy, Akihito Kanbara, was immortal due to being half-youmu, she set out to the city to try and kill him. Mirai attacks Akihito multiple times until she gives up and ultimately befriends Akihito. But the REAL kicker to this anime is the real reason why Mirai comes to the city. The story follows the two of them and their friends, Mitsuki and Hiroomi Nase, and how their lives begin to change.
Main Characters:
(Top left) Mirai Kuriyama: easily flustered and I think pretty ditzy and clueless. She is a first year in high school, 10th grade. She has the ability to manipulate her blood and fights with a really badass sword with her blood. Her blood is also extremely corrosive when a liquid.
(Top Right) Akihito Kanbara: usually pretty calm and collected. Is a second year in high school, 11th grade. Is half-youmu and immortal. He has a weird fetish for glasses.
(Bottom Left) Mitsuki Nase: a member of the elite Nase family. Is a second year in high school. Can be cold and stern at times but she proves to be more than that. Mitsuki has the ability to put up "cages" or barriers that contain anything within it. She is a spirit world warrior and fights with her partner, a furry little youmu she befriended.
(Bottom Right) Hiroomi Nase: The older brother of Mitsuki and is a third year in high school. He is spirit world warrior and is a very strong cage user. He always wears a scarf because his abilities make him cold. Hiroomi also has a thing for little sisters, aka Mitsuki...
Reasons to watch:
ART!!! If you read my other cards you know that I'm a total art junkie... its not weird. I love the art in this anime.
Action! I thought this was going to be a frufru shojo anime because my friend who recommended this to me, basically, only watches shojo anime. But, it was really action packed and didn't have too much romance in it. The fight scenes were really good too.
Story, The anime is only 12 episodes long but they got a lot of info and character development into it. At the end there were so many unanswered questions that left me wanting a second season.
And if you fall in love with the music of anime that you love, like me, my favorite song is the ending theme, Daisy by Stereo Dive Foundation. It's a really beautiful song that gave me the feels at the end of the last episode.
I also loved the insert song in episode 6, its a filler episode so you can skip it but you shouldn't it's really good. The song is Yakusoku no Kizuna and is sung by the voice actors of Mira, Mitsuki, and Ai, she's another character but not suuuper important. I love the song and the character's little dance was entertaining but the episode as a whole was sooooooooooo funny!
There are two movies for this wonderful anime! They both came out in Spring 2015. The first movie is Kyoukai no Kanata: I'll Be Here Kako-hen. Kako means past and this movie is just a recap of the events that happen in the anime. The second movie is Kyoukai no Kanata: I'll Be Here Mirai-hen. Mirai means future so the second movie is set 1 year after the last episode of the anime. I didn't watch the first movie but if you think you need a refresher of the anime, go ahead. I really liked the second movie and it answered a lot of questions I had at the end of the anime but left me with a couple new ones...
SAAAAA, now go out and start watching Kyoukai no Kanata!
I'm still looking for some new anime to watch so if you have a suggestion please comment!