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This is so true! Anyone else have this problem?
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That is so true and one time i visited a place and i waz Listening to music and my headphones disconnected and naruto op blasted Really Loud and everyone stoped and looked at me 馃槄馃槄
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Yeah except it's a toss up between if it goes from Kanye West or Fall Out Boy to K-pop or Anime themes. @rjasmine209 I had that happen a couple times, once I was listening to K-pop and I had my headphones in but it was also playing out of the main speaker... in my college's library, ugggghhh, the looks I got 馃槚
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@MadAndrea i know i hate the looks as well there eyes were burning a hole through my own eyes
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yah just today that happened to me
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It'd be kinda hard for this to happen to me because other than two songs on my phone that I rarely listen to everything is anime/game/movie related. Example: I see fire is right next to Ignite (remixed by Dj-Jo) which is right next to Dj-Jo's remix of the LoZ theme song.
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