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Goku is pretty intense I believe he could pull this off. I mean he is one of a very select few who can fly the Nimbus. Who else thinks Goku could wield the mighty Mjolnir? xD Tagging the following @shannonl5 @DarthRevan @BrittanyBaldwin @RyanOgg @RKA916 @Quietone @Nicolejb @ShikaZwiez
@danidee I can't remember the guys name but mjolnir has actually got taken from Thor by this reptile alien. in the end they end up friends and he gets a gavel looking version of mjolnir I think named justice or something? it's been almost 10 years so I'm not sure anymore XP
Oh damn, this is an awesome cross-fandom debate. I think Thor would be the only one to take control of the hammer though. I mean, he's Thor!
most definitely I think he would be the new master of the hammer I mean goku is more pure of heart than Thor
@danidee odd what you can find on the interwebs xD
apparently superman has wielded mjolnir and caps shield
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