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I started learning Korean because Kpop opened the window to my South Korean obsession.
Now, I want to go there for my next year of high school and for University.
I have some friends that I've met (thanks to Kpop!) who feel the same way. Except one who's over the moon about Exo singing in Japanese because she's an otaku (whatever that means).
I thought I'd share with you how I learn Korean! Scroll on, dear reader...


I use apps to help me learn Korean on the go. If I'm in class and have free time, I pull out my phone and do a little review. Or if I'm waiting on someone, I'll learn some new words.
Apps I use are:
Memrise has helped me learn so much! You choose courses you want to learn and it's totally free. I'm taking 3: Integrated Korean Beginning 1, How To Study Korean- Unit 1, and Everyday Korean Words. You also choose daily goals for how long you learn Korean. I learn Integrated Korean Beginning 1 for 45 minutes, How To Study Korean- Unit 1 for 5 minutes, and Everyday Korean Words for 15 minutes.
Quizlet is a flashcard app that I use less frequently- only to study words I really don't know or can't remember.

The Internet

There are a lot of sites that help you learn vocabulary and grammar which I happily found!
The site I use is How To Study Korean.
Other sites I don't use, but found for you are:
You're bound to find one you like that suits you.
(These are all free by the way!)

Language Notebook

I have this thing I call a language notebook.
Basically, I have a cute journal that I write vocabulary and grammar notes in. I write down the lessons from How To Study Korean and I write down phrases I can practice until I'm able to put together sentences myself.
I carry this around with me everywhere. To school, to my friends house, when I go out anywhere.


Music is a great way to practice repetition- listening and speaking. When you hear a line, repeat it back. Try singing along with it, even if you don't know the words. Try slow songs first.
Also, look up the lyrics and read them without the music. What I did was write down the lyrics to I Need You by BTS in my language notebook and read them all the time. I used pencil to circle words I didn't know and wrote the translation above the words I did know. Then I googled the words I didn't know and wrote them down and practiced them.
If you do that, you'll be able to sing along to that Kpop song you hum the melody to!


I am in love and completely obsessed with Korean TV. So much so that it's not even funny.
I watch a lot of Kdramas and I've learned some phrases from there that help me. It also gives you listening practice. You could also repeat everything they say! And you get to stare at beautiful faces like Lee Jong Suk.
Soooo many benefits.
What I do is I watch the drama with subtitles. After I finish it, I re-watch it -without subtitles. This way, I'm focusing solely on their words and I'm not getting frustrated about not knowing what's happening because I already know everything that happened.
Also, you can watch Interviews and variety shows like Roommate and Weekly Idol to test everyday, less lovey dovey and more natural, vocabulary.
Well, I hope this helps you! These ways help me so much and I hope you use them!
I'm gonna start posting cards of vocabulary that I've been learning as well!
Good luck on your Korean!
This is so awesome! I try to do a mix of all these things too but I just need help staying focused. It's so easy to stop studying or to turn on the English subs. It takes a lot of motivation to keep it up! This card is inspiring :D
Yea yes this is good. I do a mix of these but as well I just need to be more focused and keep it up. I also started using and it's really helpful. 😁
@kpopandkimchi thank you so much! It is hard to stay focused. Sometimes I get so frustrated not knowing everything they say!
Amazing!! Thank you!
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