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Omg I love this song!! I'm a big Star Wars nerd and this song combines my two favorite things!! ❤❤ (passed card would not let the video play so I hope it works this time)
Same. Not leaving till the lights go on and the screen goes black lol
I'm thinking, if it is, its going to be in the end credits. So I'm staying until the very very end just to see. I'm for sure going to Instagram it lol
I can't wait to see the movie. I don't want people to spoil it though so I want to see it as soon as possible. I told my family that I will scream in the theater if the song is in it somewhere
That's what I keep wondering. Is it going to be included in the film internationally or just in the Korean debut. I'm going to have to Google this.
Same. My dad brought me up on Star Wars and Aniken Skywalker was my first celebrity crush lol. My family kept telling me to calm down when I heard this song lol. My boyfriend kept trying to convince me that the song won't be on the movie 😂
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