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Naruto's smile is heartwarming.

I think we can all agree that Naruto has the most beautiful smile. I guess the saying is true, "those who are hurt the most are usually the ones that smile the brightest." We all know at this point that Naruto had a very sad childhood. Everyone shunned him for having Kurama inside him. The only time he would get noticed is when he did pranks. Only the 3rd Hokage had patience for him, he knew what had happened to Naruto's parents. Naruto didn't have anyone to call family until he became part of Team 7. That's when we start to see Naruto slowly becoming the hero he is today. He had to go through so much hurt to become what he is today, even when he was hurting he was still smiling! His smile is definitely something else, I could say that his smile made me stronger. It made me realize to always smile, no matter the situation. To always smile and never give up. Naruto is my hero and he is definitely someone I look up to. I always smile now and people always ask me why. I just tell them, "It's better to have a smile on your face than having a blank face all the time." If you guys agree please leave a like and comment any other anime character that has a beautiful smile.
@stacyneroland Him having a family of his own brings me so much happiness! Especially since it's with Hinata. I know, every time I see a picture of him and his family I get super emotional.
I love naruto uzumaki
@LeoLast Yes b4 they were Cannon I was on the NARUHINA team awe is it wrong that want more I don't want it to end.... I want to see how Boruto grows up with naruhina parents. the Boruto movie wasn't enough for me..... Naruto was Life after I finished the manga I haven't found anything as good well I am reading one piece but that not the point lol
awe this was a beautiful post n I too believe Naruto has the best smile and everytime I look at the new pictures with his family I feel.like crying cuz he has a family of his own now
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