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so begins my slumber soundtrack challenge thanks to @mattk95 first up....severely -ft island
next up (vixx)lr- beautiful liar
add a little 2ne1- it hurts
let us not forget some B.A.P- where are you?
everyone could use a little caffeine from yoseob before bed. or if you prefer the piano version with junhyung
finally some donghae and eunhyuk- still you
lullaby - junsu......perfect for exactly that
last but not least. actual bts lullabies that I just posted a card on sometime last week. you can choose from just one day, I need u, and dope!
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I totally forgot about Lullaby by Xia... Thanks for reminding me, I love that song ^^ this list is really awesome, thank you for participating @heidichiesa :D
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I love this playlist :)
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thanks for marking the challenge @mattk95
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