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So it was really hard for me to choose for Abs Appreciation since this boy also has some pretty great vocals so I decided to combine them.

Seon Ye In a.k.a Sunyoul

He was born November 6, 1996 making me 3 years older than him and he is a member of UP10TION. If you don't know them you should.
Do you see this? This ruined me. Like how dare he. He's so rude. Who gave him the right? Certainly not me. Sunyoul can you not? Please and thanks.
Can you hear those vocals? Them high notes? Sunyoul slaying my heart. Bruh please. Let me live. What did I ever do to you Ye-yakking-In?
Check out UP10TION's debut single 위험해 (So, Dangerous) & the dance practice (in which you can hear Sunyoul hit those vocals live).
Also feel free to check out the teaser for their new video! I am shameless when it comes to promoting my babies. So yeah check them out! Blond Sunyoul is bae.
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But what about those vocals? @kmeier230
2 years ago·Reply
abs on point 😍 😍😲
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I'm with @SusiBosshammer them abs doh 😉
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