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Personally, I don't have time to watch ASC when I want to, so I thought when I have time I could break it down for everyone so you can skip to the interesting bits :D

Check out the video link and video breakdown belowwWWWWwWWWWW:

From 1:07 - 4:20 it's just a recap of the last episode, but Jun is being a MAJOR CREEPER in the background.
Then at 4:30.....THEY ATTACK
From 4:30 - 5:30 they're covering Eric and Kevin with stickers of their own faces because, you know, product placement lol
From 7:00 - 9:00 they're just introducing themselves but


9:50 - 12:40 They read through some live tweets.


11:15 - 11:45 Hoshi and Dino cover Sistar's 'Shake It' and Dino sort of kills me.

13:40 They start "Album Talk"

15:00 Woozi talks about how he helped write Adore U and he's just so cute and then at 15:50 Hoshi talks about his work on the choreography and HE IS SO ADORABLE I WANT TO DIE. He gets really excited saying that he made the choreo :3

16:30 "Dance Talk"

16:30 - 17:13 They dance the chorus to teach you and Jeonghan is too beautiful for words hahaha
17:21 - 18:03 So, Seventeen changes the ending of the dance for each performance and the ASC people made them do each ending back to back so we could see them all. BUT MINGYU SCREWS UP ONE AND HE'S SO CUTE.

18:26 Hangouts

19:00 A girl shows her Adore U dance cover and at 19:17 the boys are super cute and thankful. Hoshi asks the girl if it was hard to learn and she said yes, but then said HOSHI OPPA IS THE BEST at 19:55 - 20:12. He literally melts omg. He's so sincere and really wanted to know what she thought of the dance. Such a sweetheart.


21:25 - 21:29 Seungkwan (without hesitation) shows him the right note to hit and its so high hahahahah
23:17 - 23:30 DK is about to start singing Shining Diamond and when Eric suggests Vernon sing it, DK loses it hahahaha

23:33 - 23:52 DK and Seungkwan sing a clip from Shining Diamond :D

24:20 ASC's Got Talent

25:28 - 26:26 The Vocal Team performs their song "20" and Joshua is still the cutest thing on this planet.
26:40 - 28:00 Performance Team performs their song "Jam Jam" which they choreographed themselves :D The8 is so expressive and Hoshi slaaaays.
28:28 - 29:55 Hip Hop Team performs "Ah Yeah" which they helped write the rap for!

30:55 More Hangouts

31:05 - 31:34 A girl talks about how much she loves Wonwoo and he is so startled and happy its the cutest thing.
31:44 - 32:11 The girl asks Hoshi to describe "How do you feel at After School Club with your body"

31:56 ENGLISH STRIKES AGAIN....32:03 Hoshi speaks and I ACTUALLY SQUEALED.

32:59 They are asked if they have any hidden talents...Hoshi calls out THE8!
At 33:05 - 33:31 The8 break dances and he's sort of amazing?!!?!?

34:15 Seventeen 101

34:28 Seungkwan and Hoshi talk about how they travel with a large group, and they use systems to make sure no one gets left behind :) 34:55- 35:06 They number themselves off and it's ADORABLE. Dino's job is to say "13, done with numbers!" if everyone is there.
35:35 - 36:00 Kevin asks what their eating habits are and Joshua explains they once at 52 servings of Korean BBQ... so 4 servings of meat per person lol and their company was pissed cause that cost $$$$$$ hahahaha

37:02 Q&A

37:40 - 38:00 DK has to talk like a baby and the guys from Seventeen practically die. They ask him if he likes roller coasters and he says he really likes them even though he's totally scared of them.
40:05 - 40:17 Jun has to kiss the camera and once again, Seventeen dies. They're, like, allergic to aegyo. They ask him which member he is closest with and he picked EVERYBODY!
42:07 - 42:42 They make Dino do a cute butt dance and he looks so confused. HE RUNS AWAY LOOKING SO EMBARRASSED. They ask him what dinosaur he's most like and he says a raptor but also still looks super scared when Eric Nam roars at him hahahha
44:36 - 45:35 They ask Mingyu to serenade the fans and he cackles and then panics hahahha Then they ask him where he'd like to teleport and he says HOME but they tell him he can't leave the TV show yet so he said oh...okay then I'll just be next to the MCs lol

46:25 More Hangouts

46:30 - 47:10 Mingyu says that he loves styling Joshua's hair cause its so beautiful hahahaha
They run out of time so the boys give the last group of hangout-ers a huge group heart :3

50:10 - 50:27 They make a PANICKED Jeonghan serenade the fans one more time.

Seungkwan and Hoshi were definitely the stars of this episode in my opinion :D

@kpopandkimchi Hahahaha dood totes! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
@Meeshell bahahahha i wish someone would do this with kdrama cause i dont want to have to watch all the filler nonsense hahahhaa
they are all so cute omfg.
*all of the clapping in the world because this card blows my mind with its detail* LIKE SRSLY LADY WHAT THE HECK! <3 <3 <3
I love DK and Joshua, like they just ughhhh