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No, that's true....I have tried exercising but it doesn't work out so well..... Sad life for this Crow (GoT reference it's my nickname) But if I had someone who put effort into helping me get better and being awesome....well I think there is someone out there!!!
Someone I would love to train me will be.....Shura Kirigakure!!! Yes, I know she is pretty lazy all the time but the times she has fought have always been amazing! One of the better fighters in Blue Exorcist!! Still, she makes a great teacher as she helped Rin control his flames (after a few failures that could have killed people!) she really truly cares for the twins since she was the apprentice of their father..... I know I am not a child of Satan...but maybe she could help me train in sword fighting also getting fit enough to hold one....heh The one thing I love about her is her sense of humor which will make it easier to find inspiration to continue training!!! Tagging @VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia
awesome choice! She understands laziness but is still active enough to be a good teacher
Gosh this reminds me I need to get a roll on my exercising
you will find a person to help you
@Emealia I say that All. The. Time! lol