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✨ Okay Mercs with Mouths.. You for sure know what Deadpool is "implying" And when I read the comic strip, Frisky Dingo popped into my head! (Adult Swim) ✨ Wade darling, again you ask too many questions about what a man does alone TMI!
Larger Print! I try to accommodate everyone! Check out above!

✨ L A Von York 's editors note : Remember comment on the post if you want your named removed!

♥ Naughty naughty Wade ♥
✨ To let my fellow Vingle family and my Mercs with Mouths know, Usually when I title my cards "my night cap with Wade" that most likely my last post of the night.. And that is my way of saying good night to the Vingle community. Seriously who does not want a good laugh before bed! ✨ Stay Frisky L A Von Dangerous ♥
Tommorrow I should be working on my Two day Challenge idea.. Which is really not a challenge I just throw a character out and I ask what would you do as him or her for the day. No rules, have fun and be respectful. Heads up, I think our leading Merc might be up.. So get ready to gear up your crafty and crazy responses! Surprise me.. Give me the wow factor!
And my ulimate fan girl experience! Later Mercs and get ready to carry out that contract tomorrow!
@LAVONYORK @amobigbang you two are the best haha helping people out when I'm passed out from a long drive <3 <3 <3 also I love these panels, especially since there's a theory going around that in the movies Stan Lee is the Watcher XD XD XD
@amobigbang thank you :)
@SamTheMallow Direct message me with any questions. Currently I'm just running amok and I made myself the self appointed deadpool writer 😂😂 so from me you are going to see things mostly related to deadpool or some anti hero or Villian thing because.. That's just my thing lol... I'm just drawn to that lol. Our admin in Marvel is @shannonl5, she leads and can help with alot of things because she has administrative powers @amobigbang is part of her support team within the Marvel Community. As for Supernatural, it's a new community that a couple of us rallied for and Vingle listen btw I was extremely excited when Vingle liked my letter about supernatural. At this moment Supernatural does not have an administrator. I actually interested in seeing if I can admin their.. And if @shannonl5 would allow me to continue handling my Merc duty. :)
yaaaaaay deadpool! I'm having trouble figuring out how to make cards on here. I'm a little slow when it comes to things so it's kinda hard for me to figure it out lol. as far as the supernatural one, add me to that too cuz I love that show. I'm following the new season like a dog follows a mail truck lol
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