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@VinMcCarthy There are a lot of trainers to choose from, but I personally wont get much done if I don't have some tough love...I'd have to go with Piccolo. Nothing says 'I'm training you to be strong' than letting a DBZ style t-rex almost eat you. The neglect for my safety really puts it into perspective because coddling won't put you in shape when vegeta comes crashing in your backyard :/ Fending for yourself really does make you stronger and if I can't accomplish basic dinosaur survival, it may not be worth training me at all :)
And though he may zap you, step on your hand when you climb a cliff, and straight up beat the crap out of you,
He will make sure you have food, clothes, and mold you into someone worth sacrificing his life for
or a giant ape :D
And now for your viewing pleasure :)
I agree with @SarahRoot. you'd better learn to dodge
but great pick
Lol my mind goes directly to the abridged versions. Haha