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There's only one person I would ever ship Namjoonie with and that's Mama Jin. So here we go!!! Foreword: Namjoon has always had a crush on Jin but never knew how he felt about it. But when Jin finally confesses to him he rejects him and breaks his heart. A year has gone by and Namjoon still regrets his decision. What happens when he meets Jin again?
"Did I cook it right hyung?" Namjoon stares intriguingly at Jin. "Hmm..." Jin expects the beef that Namjoon just finished grilling. "Well it looks alright..." Jin expects. He smiles at Namjoon "But let's taste it." Namjoon watches as he places the beef in his mouth and chews. Namjoon's heart squeals as he stares at the soft, plump, red lips that's actually eating food he made. He has to wrench his eyes away from the lips because he hears Jin talking. "Huh? What was that hyung?" Jin looks at him with a sad look. "Honestly do you ever listen to a word I say?" Always, Namjoon thought but he just smiled. Jin continued, "I was complimenting you on your beef. It was actually cooked very well." Namjoon's face lit up at the good result. "It's all because of you hyung. I don't think no one else could teach a klutz like me." Jin smiled but then frowned. Namjoon noticed it immediately. "What's wrong hyung? Tell me now so I can help you!!" Jin smiled at his concern actually feeling embarrassed at the attention. But of course he didn't mind. "Ah..I do have a problem..." Jin trails off.
"Wait a second. I'll be right back." Namjoon runs out the kitchen and Jin waits patiently. Not a minute has gone by when the blonde comes running back with a big gift bag. He holds it out to Jin with his head bowed. "Please take this hyung and feel better." Jin looks at the bag and then at Namjoon. He grabs the bag making sure to touch Namjoon's hands. "Th-thank you." His breath catches in his throat as he pulls out a panda bear plushie. Namjoon speaks up then. "I bought it because it was cute and so it reminded me of you." Jin with the plushie in his hands takes a deep breath and does it. He let's out his feelings...all of them. When he's done he searches Namjoon's face for an answer. Namjoon's face only shows shock as his mind comes to a blank. He doesn't know how to feel now. How long has he been waiting for this moment? It was finally here!!! But why wasn't he saying yes? Why was he laughing in Jin's face ignoring the tears that fell from Jin's eyes? Why didn't he stop Jin from walking out that night? Why did he cry himself to sleep that night saying the same words over and over....those same words.... "Don't leave...please dont leave."


omg I'm crying!! :'( this is so good you should really continue it!
please continue!!! I'm so excited for the next part!! xD
lol im posting the second part today :) @KpopGaby
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