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Yes yes... more. I'm just a ticking time bomb of theories until their come back. So I'm pretty much dying on the inside...
This was all thanks to @kpopkimchi card, go check them out! And to see their card click here!
I've taken all of those theories and made them into one whole theory though, so it may be a little confusing..
In "I need U", at the end of the music video, we see a shot of Jin and V's faces. But, according to certain theories V dies. Leaving Jin the only one alive. So, some how in the come back V might die?
I think I know why Jin is left all alone in I Need U... maybe.. I donno it's just a theory.. Anyways! We see everyone die or kill someone (*cough cough* V *cough*). While as Jin is the first person we see when the Video starts and he's also the last. So one by one he learns about everyone's death. It didn't happen in one night, it happened in a span of time. This is why he is the only one shown. He was so upset about them all "leaving" it left him mute.
Another part of I Need U is, they we all smiling in some parts, they were all happy together, and it looked like they we celebrating something. As if they were celebrating that they were leaving. This was their last moments together.
Now to the new stuff! In the stage prologue, we see V clean blood off of him. So I think he ran away so he wasn't convicted of murder. They also never show the pictures that they took. We also see V jumping off of something. I still don't know what to say about that. We also see that Suga and Jungkook are really close. What happened there?
In the 'Run' trailer, We see that Suga and Jungkook are fighting. What has caused this? I donno.. BUT!! The reason Suga dies is because he feels guilty about Jungkook's death. Causing him to... yeah you know what I mean. But before, all of this they were all running from their problems.
Now to the pictures! We see everyone running, and we see Jin wearing shoes. This is because he is hallucinating. They aren't really there that's way they aren't looking at Jin, and why they aren't wearing shoes.

Did I miss something that should be included? ...Probably comment if you have anything to add to this!

...I'm going to sleep now, it's almost 12 and I'm tired...