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1st Goal: Suarez (Assist: Alves)

2nd Goal: Messi (Assist: Suarez)

3rd Goal: Suarez

4th Goal: Pique (Assist: Messi)

5th Goal: Messi (Assist: Suarez)

6th Goal: Adriano

Barcelona ended up winning 6-1. Although I'm not a Barcelona fan, I'm pretty sure my soccer fans would agree that Barcelona is the best team in the world right now.

Soccer fans, what is your favorite goal from that game?

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And hopefully beating AS Roma can be called an achievement? ;)
@InPlainSight Haha got it. What was your favorite goal of the night?
@mchlyang I think the passing move leading up to the 2nd goal gets my
@InPlainSight Yeap. That was definitely my favorite goal of the game. It shows the beautiful passing game of soccer perfectly!