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Perverts Unite! :p
First up, Master Roshi from DBZ. We all know and love this old school perverted hermit, perverted? Hell yeah, but he can through down when needed. Weather it be bulking up or powering up that patented Kamehameha.
Next up is Miroku from Inuyasha! A monk you say? Why yes he is, however he's has never shied away from groping the lady's bottoms and asking them to bear him a child. Yet again, able to fight with the best of them.
Moving right along, here we have Jiraiya from Naruto. Show me anyone that watches anime and doesn't know who this bad ass sage is and I'll show you a lier. haha, sure he's a pervy novelist and always does his research, but when someone needs him he's a difficult one to beat.
Then here is Kisuke from Bleach, not as bold with his perversion as the others but it's there none the less. And he's cool headed and stupid powerful... so there's that. haha
And now the latest pervert, Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins. I was kind of surprised when I found out he wasn't the sin of lust to be honest what with the way he acts. But a lovable character like the rest reguardles, and if you've watched the anime already then you know just how devastating he can be.
Moral of the card... Be nice, Have fun, Be a perv and you'll be redicoulsly strong! :p Hope this was enjoyable.
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