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I am currently writing a Sesshomaru X OC and it is set two years after the defeat of Naraku and the disappearance of the Sacred Jewel. There are going to be new powerful foes, new characters, and chaos. I started writing my story just for fun and now it has become a project I am determined to complete. At the moment, I am just starting chapter 10 so this is the most I have ever written for any story. Anyway, enough about the why and more about the what. The title is "The Shadows of Time". It starts off with the heroine who doesn't remember much about her past except for the fact that she is never completely safe anywhere she seeks to live peacefully. Not only is she in danger herself, but anyone who she tries to befriend. Because of this, she prefers to travel alone and keep her distance. But all of it changes when she meets a few certain people. And with time being of the essence, certain memories reveal the haunting truth about herself and the people involved.
Above are some characters that you can look forward to seeing! So, with that being said. If you are interested in reading it, you will be able to start reading it on my username is Gibbous1992. Here is the link to get you to my story: I hope those of you who read it will enjoy it and will be excited to read more.
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Thank you guys for reading it! You all are the best
Thank you very much
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