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Let's Keep Following Our Anime Workout with Ani! Tore EX!

Have you kept up with your workout routine? Because I....have....not! Haha! Even though I found this fun anime that teaches you how to work out, I haven't really kept up with it.

Since there are now 7 episodes of Ani!Tore EX, I figure it's time for us to get fit with our favorite fit girls!

Swipe right for the videos ^-^

Episode 1: Push Ups & Crunches

>>swipe right to see the video<<
STRENGTHEN: Stomach muscles, arms, back, chest!

Episode 2: More...Push Ups!

>>swipe right to see the video<<
STRENGTHENS: Pecs, deltoids & upper arms! AKA a great way to improve, erm, bust size?

Episode 3: Back Squats & Extensions!

>>swipe right to see the video<<
STRENGTHENS: Thighs, butt, back muscles, posture!

Episode 4: Demon Yoga Time!

>>swipe right to see the video<<
This episode is all about stretching your body out with our favorite fallen angel ^-^

Episode 5: Dancing!

>>swipe right to see the video<<
Finally, we can learn the dance! This ones aimed at overall well being & cardio ^-^

Episode 6: Kick & Twist!

>>swipe right to see the video<<

So, are you all stronger now?

Comment if you're willing to join me in doing all of these videos, every week as new ones come out!!! :D
can't do some of them since I have a metal rod in my back so if I bend to much in some places I could pull it out and die
@AshelyJewell Yeahhh....It *says* they're geared at teaching girls to enjoy the exercises but I'm gonna have to disagree to a point. Still, they do teach useful stuff!
wass it called
I'd be more interested if they had an Anime teaching Tai Chi, lol Good luck!
@hikaymm I just watched these the while way through and I haf to snigger because it was clearly directed towards a male audience. smh It's as if there isnt an equally large female fan base.
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