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ok so i see some people showing what they think about bts teasers and videos so im going to do it too now i dont know if im right or wrong but if you guys think i left something out or think i mixed up something let me know in the comments
im going to start with jimin in the video i need you girl you only see him in a bathtub and he is burning a letter so i think maybe his girlfriend broke up with him and he couldnt take the pain so he drown himself.
next is suga you see suga walking around in this room and he looks upset or he is thinking about something you see him every once in a while light up a lightet well i think he set his apartment on fire
next is v which i did more thinking in v you see v stading outside a building and you can tell by the look on his face someone is fighting well he walks way cause he couldnt listen to it anymore and later he comes back but there still fighting and i think the man hit the girl which i think the girl is his sister cause she doesnt look pld enough to be a mom and the man is his dad well v didnt like how he treated them so he killed his father and you can tell cause the look on his face shows he did something really bad and on the prologue you see him coved in blood and he is crying he regrets what he did he calls someone on the phone no one knows who he calls and then it shows him layin on a bed in a pool he is looking at a pic which i believe is his father and it show him holding a baby i think its v and then close to the ending v climbs on to this tall thing and all the members see him up there and they all are telling him to jump maybe they knew it would kill him and he would join them in death yes i believe in the prologue that is where v dies
next is jungkook you see jungkook walking around upset maybe he is running away or mayne he needed to think about something but in another seen you see him beat up he doesnt look upset no more he looks alive again but he doest pay attention to where he was going and gets hit by the car
next is jhope he see him upset and he takes tjese pills maybe there to help him with his depression but when he is with his friends he feels like he doesnt have to take them anymore throws them into a fire but then somethings brings back tje depression and he overdoses
next is jin it shows jin sitting on a bed and he looks like he is in deep thought and he lays down on the bed like he is in pain something bad happen and in the prologue it shows jin video recording the members but since the others died in i need u you i think jin is going through his memories so he is not video recording them he is watching the video and jin took a pic of rapmon suga and kookie and then he brings that pic out and its white no one shows up but when they where at the gas station rapmon asks for the camera and he takes a pic but suga joins in behind jin but we dont get to see the pic but at the end where jin was alone in the car he pulls out the pic and suga is no where in the pic its only jin so i believe that everything is just a memory and he is having troubles facing reality
and now rapmon it looks to me rapmon is not to happy about the job he has he works at a gas station and which in the prologue he puts the gas in the car weird but he has a sucker and he drops now idk about this but ive heard from some people that its not a sucker its a cigarette and when he drops it it blows up the gas station and also in the prologue in the mirror he writes you need to survive but who is he talking about jin?
well this is my theory hope y'all like it and if i messed something let me know or if there is something that doesnt make since you can tag people so they can see it maybe it might be close to what they think @AimeeH @DeniseiaGardner @B1A4BTS5ever @CrystalBlunt @JessicaChaney @Sisicup @Marilovexoxo @Atomshair @glostick @Exoexo @CheyenneJessee @shanikqas @danidee @Emealia @nnatalieg @Michelleibarra
My guess with Rap Mon is when he wrote you need to survive... l think he is talking to himself... Like he needs the job to survive but what kills him is the burning of the cigarette since he got tired of being treated like crap at the gas station.
I don't know if this is right but i'll give it try, I think Taehyun calls Jin in the beginning of the prologue bc he says "hyung" (big brother) bc he did something bad and he 'kind of' knows that his other friends are dead and Jin for a fact is alive. Second, the other thing I think makes sense is that Namjoon wrote "You need to survive" to Taehyun and Jin bc they were still alive and the other thing that I saw was when Taehyun got up on that thingy magigger, He actually got up bc he finally accepted that his friends were dead and he felt regret for killing his father, then u see the boys telling him to come down of the thing bc their is no reasons of jumping when Namjoon clearly wrote "You need to survive" he wouldn't tell him to jump after telling him that It kind of makes sense to me
but if you look at what way the boys are telling him to come down there pointing to the water saying jump if they wanted him to live they would have pointed the other way @MoonaYah
This just makes me depressed every time i think about it, but the fact that they mad it look so real makes it even worse to me, however that is one of my favorite songs of all time.
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