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Welcome to Kdrama Trivia!

Leave your answers in the comments and I'll update with the answers next week^^

1. What was Song Yi's brother obsessed with in My Love From Another Star?

A. Manga
B. Space
C. His own looks
D. Ramen

2. What did Eunchan win an eating contest with in the first episode of Coffee Prince?

A. Curry
B. Jajjangmyeon (black noodles)
C. Kimchi
D. Spicy Ramen

3. What drink did Lee-gak love in Rooftop Prince?

A. Energy drinks B. Coffee C. Banana milk D. Mini yogurt

Can you get all three?

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I haven't watched those 😯 they were in my list tho
2 years ago·Reply
B, B, C
2 years ago·Reply
1) B 2) B 3) C
2 years ago·Reply
I say B B D
2 years ago·Reply
B, B, D. :) all great dramaa
2 years ago·Reply