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I know this is no way relevant to life but this is my rants, and I feel like this is so fucking socially unjustice and this bullshit needs to stop. Why the fuck do people turn on the cold air when it's fucking freezing outside? When the fuck did I cross the border line to Alaska because I need to go back! This is fucking bullshit! People with naturally cold body temperatures freezing to death! And don't you dare get me started on the fucking car air conditioner. Now that shit is not relevant to my life. Why on earth..... I need to just move to a dessert. Just move somewhere....where cold doesn't even fucking exist. It's just hot. You say cold and people look at you like you're speaking some foreign language and shit. Tired of this shit. Make it stop. Anyways, yes the cold does bother me. Keep that shit off!
the cold is life
@KiraHitomi I like the cold ;-; haha
Hate it
mmm I sleep in snow banks no lie it feels goos