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Day 2: The day of Namjoonie. For you, my Namjoonie-stans <3 *raises arms to the sky*
This photo shoot. Like, what the HECK RIGHT. :|
This picture is so cute I can't stand it. It's really perfect in every way.
<3 This friendship. I LOVE IT. <3
Namjoonie FEELIN' IT MAN! Kekeke >.<
... you thought there'd be no Jiminie in here, didn't you? *shakes head* Jiminie loves his hyung times a jabillion kekeke <3 <3 <3!!!

OKAY OKAY back to Namjoonie!

This handsome guy. Even when he's just reading something, hahaha :D!
Dat smile. For reals right guys? I love seeing this guy smiling and laughing, its just the best!
Last, but never least, Namjoonie aka a minion. <3's x34803808340184010175091384
On the realskies though. This guy is such an amazing talent. His ability to express himself in earnest is so endearing. And of course dem raps. He is FAN-FLIPPIN'-TASTIC. I will always be rooting for his happiness and success as he continues his path to all his hopes and dreams!
Tagging same peeps from original card by @kpopandkimchi <<HERE>> :D:D:D!!!
Credit to all photographers and gif maker's *<3's forever*
Wait! So is Jackson's and Rap Monster's friendShip name Rap Son? Haha I'm just curious..
Dood Jack Monster HAHAHA Jack Mon, Rap Jack, Monster Jack... that sounds like a sanwich HAHA oh god I need to go to sleep :|
@AnnahiZaragoza Oh my gosh! I thought the same lol
@AnnahiZaragoza omg yas!! 馃槀馃槀
Either that or Jack Monster.. but I like Rap Son better Haha @Meeshell
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