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I'm auditioning for four Kpop companies in February. I am at the point where I have to pick which Korean song I will be using. It has to be a female song as I am a chick (that is a requirement). That means no BIGBANG songs for me! *glares* I have spent the last couple of weeks really looking out and listing to a plethora of songs. I've finally put together a list of the songs I love and also feel would suit my voice. The hard part now is choosing which one to sing. As I am really working hard to prepare for these auditions, my vocal coach and I feel it makes the most sense to pick just one song so I can dedicate the proper time and energy into learning it and the pronunciation as best as possible. That's where you guys come in. I would like to ask you to watch/listen to the MVs below and comment which you like best/you think would be the best audition song. Thank you! 1. "I" by Taeyeon.
2. "Heaven" by Ailee
3. "Happy" by 2ne1.
4. "Rose" by Lee Hi.
5. "Lost Child" by IU.
I realize this was 20 minutes of your day you will never get back, but I really do appreciate your time and opinions. I'm really having a hard time deciding and your votes will be very helpful to me. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Tagging friends who I hope will help: @jiyongixoxo @petname83 @ladygdragon @KwonOfAKind @imahhbanker
@Jiyongixoxo @kpopandkimchi @imahhbanker @petname83 @ladygdragon @Xiuyeolhyun Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your consideration and votes. I greatly appreciate all the support as well.
I was having a difficult time choosing between Happy and Rose but I really think Rose would be the best one! I'll be cheering for you!!!
Ah, you really choose some real great songs here. I even listened to each of them twice to narrow it down between the choices. But ultimately I think I really like "Rose". . I'll be routing for you :D
@KwonOfAKind Thank you for putting so much time in and really thinking about it. @Kris17XX I like the way you broke it down based on vocal style. It gives me another variable to consider. Thank you.
If you have a strong voice definitely Ailee but if you have a softer voice go with Taeyeon. If you have a unique voice go with 2ne1 or IU.
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