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Its the holiday season so you're probably receiving presents, letters, phone calls, or texts from people so its about time to learn how to say TO and FROM
Korean has different words for TO and FROM if you're talking about places and time so this is specifically when you're talking about TO someone FROM someone.


These are mostly only used in written language so save these for letters :D
For example "Dear John" would be "John에게" instead! 에게 - to
에게서 - from


This is used when speaking and means to or from a person (not a place or time!)
한테 (han-te) - To
한테서 (han-te-seo) - From
Examples: 누구한테서? Who's that from?

As a present:

You now know how to say "I got this from ____," but here's how to be specific about what it is. It's a PRESENT.
To give: 줬어요
To receive: 받았어요
As a present: 선물로
----> 이거 _____한테 선물로 줬어요
(ee-geo ___han-te seon-mul-lo jweo-sseo-yo)
I gave this to _____ as a present.
-----> 이거 _____한테서 선물로 받았어요
(ee-geo ___han-te-seo seon-mul-lo ba-da-sseo-yo)
I received this from _____ as a present.

Just remember that these verbs go together:

Can you read this?

이책은 친구한테서 선물로 받았어요.

Leave any questions you have in the comments^^~
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I am expecting a gift so I will apply this when I receive it!! thank you!!!!
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Thanks for the tag!
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Thanks for the tag!
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나는 현재를 준.
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