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It hasn't even been a day since I cried my eyeballs out out of all the chaos in THE BTS FANDOM, and you all are already putting me to spill my heart out in a card? Bruh. Just kidding, just kidding. I'm definitely not missing this one. Its RapMons Day everyone. Get ready guys. A few major nosebleeds will be going on.


I'll qoute something that CL once said: Yes, I would date a fan doesn't mean I would date a 14 year old who knows more about me than I do. I'll be honest with you guys. Namjoon is one of those idols that you just DONT want to know aloot about. Just to keep it a mystery. I only -somehow- feel this way towards GD, TOP, YuGyeom JungKook, RapMon, Suga and CL. I find it kinda creepy that something called sasasengs exist. I dont know. Call me crazy, but I actually have a small hope that one day, when I love to live to Seoul, SouthKorea, I will somehow bump into them. I wouldnt want to automatically be like: OH, YOU ARE BTS RAPMONSTER, OH MY GOD! I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOUR MOM -whatever her name is- AND OH GOD, YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING OUT SOON! WHAT IS YOUR LONG LOST 2ND AUNT -whatever her name is, too- GONNA GIVE YOU? Ya feel me? I think that idols need their privacy. That's why I try to not Google up stuff about them and just use what I have seen from MVs, Reality Shows, and K stuff.

For their own privacy.

So, about the BoyFriend thing, please dont take it seriously. I wish though, but... no.

He has his own life.

*I'm not even gonna categorize the pictures. That'll be too confusing. I'm just gonna throw them all out there. Please Enjoy! One thing I do know for certain, and I'm proud to say I know, and I DONT care the least if you call me different, is that he has been a truly big inspiration for me. Over time, I found out his history on how he got to be a trainee, I'll admit, I was super surprised on how he did it at first. I couldn't believe it. Soon, that shock turned into something else -I'm sorry, I can't say what. As much as I wish, I can't tell you all. Just be aware that it made me take that leap of faith. I haven't gotten results yet, but I'm doing it. - and it made me realize that, well, maybe, just maybe, it can be done. Maybe its possible.

I probably wouldn't think like this if it weren't for him.

I'll confess to my fellow ARMYs -and please dont be mad at me. I DONT know why I would think like that- that at first, I didn't like RapMonster. I thought he was stupid and bossy. Turns out I was wrong. Sooooo wrong, but my opinion changed. That's all it matters.

He now is one of my favorites in BTS

who am I kidding, they are all my favorite XD
I dont really know what else to put here. He has been one of those poeple in life who you feel you can actually trust with heir advice -or maybe that's just me- and who you can talk freely to without feeling uncomfortable -even though, let's be real here, He is a perv- about life topics. I dont know...

I just wouldn't know what to do without having discovered this wonderful man.

Anyway, that's it for today folks!

Sorry for making it so cheesy, I have been in a very happy and cheerful mood today, ahhhh, I promise I'll make a card and a review -since everything that happened today had to do with K stuff- later on. Thank you all for reading this! We still got the comeback coming up!


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