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...and I loved it!
Full disclaimer: I already know A LOT about what happens in this anime because my friends @Angelipon and @starberry both cosplay form it (Shiro & Stephanie!), but I figured it was time I finally actually watched the show to get an idea of what I would think about it.

What I Expected:

- a cute but confusing (from an outsider's perspective) brother and sister relationship
- a dog girl named Stephanie
- some sort of gaming world, but I wasn't really sure how that worked

What I Got:

- a super cute Queen who wants to know more about [BLANK]
- two kids who never leave or do anything but play games and play games with their hands and feet and oh my god they are US in anime form.
- a sort-of-weird sibling relationship that I still love
- previews of a lot of cool looking places & characters
- a Stephanie who is not yet a dog girl -- how are we going to get there?
I really loved this quote from the first episode:

"The least interesting answer is usually the right one."

It amazing how accurate that is, really, because even though we imagine and we dream of something more interesting; something more exciting, it's usually the least interesting answer that is the right answer, like the quote says!
So far, I like that set up that we're being given: these siblings are insanely talented, but are they really finding a place in their world? No! Because they see it as a crappy game. The idea of them being transported to a different world, though, is pretty cool & a unique concept I don't think that I've seen before--everything in the world decided by games & simple rules.
Oh! One more thing! The animation & coloring in this anime is just really nice! I love the pallet & tones they use, and think the colors are why these outfits & characters translate so well into cosplay.

I'm definitely going to watch the rest of this one soon, I just wanted to see if there is anyone else who likes or is just starting this anime ^^

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yeah it is a great anime wish they continue it...
2 years ago·Reply
I watched it and I absolutely loved it. I wish there would be a season 2. I especially love when they bash their heads into things when they're stressed its so hilarious. I love the art and coloring, that's what drew me to this anime.
2 years ago·Reply
Love this anime! Characters are great, story line is amazing, funny yet so well thought out! Even the smallest detail becomes a key element to advancing the story. Can't wait for season 2 next year!
2 years ago·Reply
@Jewelzie Ok i've been thikning about watching the "is it ok.." ok so i'm going to check it out next!
2 years ago·Reply
Absolutely love this anime! I've probably watched all twelve episodes a dozen times hahaha! Best moment for me is when the siblings unveil their true master plan!
2 years ago·Reply